Thursday, January 26, 2006

More on the Health Care Front

You’ve read me rant about the cost of health care and insurance companies before. This article (by way of Back Talk) is really interesting, though. The author hits several points on the head. This quote is pretty telling:

Americans want more health care for less money, and when they don't get it, they indict drug companies, insurers, trial lawyers and bureaucrats. Although these familiar scapegoats may not be blameless, the real problem is us. We demand the impossible. The changes we truly need are political. We need to reconnect people with the public consequences of their private acts.

While he pays some lip-service to the idea that the drug companies, insurers, et. al. carry some blame, I don’t think he goes far enough in showing how greed oriented these groups seem to have become. When drug companies cover up evidence, or the FDA ignores it, that certain new drugs are potentially more harmful than helpful, there’s got to be a reason, and I think that reason is greed. Odd things seem to happen when greedy people find they have a captive (and sick) audience.

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