Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Good News on the Anti-Nuclear Waste Front

Here’s some good news for the folks out in the western deserts of Utah. You, people like me and the Goshute Indians. Cedar Mountain, the proposed site for all a trainload of hot nuclear waste material, has been declared as wilderness, and is now protected from certain kinds of building. That means you can’t build railroad lines through it, and PFS (the evil people who want to dump this stuff on us) wanted to use rail.

PFS hasn’t given up the fight just yet, but this is surely a large amount of rain on their nuclear waste dumping parade. This quote from the KSL article is interesting:

But cooperation among lawmakers does not kill the project completely. A longer-term solution could come from a bill sponsored by Nevada Senator Harry Reid, who proposes keeping nuclear waste at or near the place where it's generated.

That’s the most sensible thing I’ve heard coming out of D.C. in a long time. Let the people who make the garbage deal with it.

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