Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Caucus Hub-bub

With all the hub-bub surrounding the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses, you’d think I’d be blogging more about about them. It’s been quite the spectacle, I have to admit. What I think is interesting is that those that won in Iowa, lost in New Hampshire, and vice versa. It’s still anybody’s game, it seems.

A lot of what I’m seeing going on, though, just reminds me of just how stupid people really are. Everything I see about Huckabee makes me think he’s a lying, calculating, huckster, and yet I keep hearing others talking about just how “genuine” he is. Obama was poised to win in New Hampshire, and yet Clinton took it by a last minute landslide of mostly women voters. Giuliani seems to have fallen asleep at the wheel.

The whole thing’s got all the drama of a Wagnerian opera, just less bloodshed.

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