Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Perspective Changes

Frannie, a blogger I'm rather fond of has a posting at one of her sites that you should read. It's about some of the economic, societal, and resource management difficulties we're facing right now, and offers some in-your-face solutions that deserve more than just thought.

The irony is that I'm just passing on the information 3rd hand. She's actually referencing another blogger, James Kunstler. In any case, this portion of the original article really hit me. Hard.

If you're depressed, change your focus. Quit wishing and start doing. The best way to feel hopeful about the future is to get off your ass and demonstrate to yourself that you are a capable, competent individual resolutely able to face new circumstances.

It reminds me of a catchphrase that became the motto for Spenser W. Kimball, former president of the LDS Church. It became a byword for the Church at that time:

"Do it."

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Frannie said...

And it's so easy to get depressed when you know just how much we as a planet are screwed. Excellent quote, John, I think I'll have to remember that on darker days.

(...and thank you for referencing me :-)