Monday, May 15, 2006


Sorry no blogs of late. I’ve been having some more problems with my gall-bladder and it finally ended up in surgery a couple of weeks ago. You can read more about it over at my Campus Codger blog.

The world is getting weirder and weirder, though. Today I hear the President is thinking about putting National Guardsmen on our southern border to help support our border patrol for a while. At least until we get the immigration mess we’ve created sorted out a bit more. What’s weird to me is that I heard on the radio that the governor of New Mexico is up in arms about it. He doesn’t want them there. Why not? Is he offended that the border patrol might need help?

The whole immigration thing just has me shaking my head. I hear so many arguments about how “immigrants are important to America.” Yeah. We know. No one is arguing that. Why is that suddenly supposed to be a carte blanche to break the law? Illegal immigration is the problem.

For years, though, we turned a blind eye to the issues. As American’s we’ve created the problem by ignoring it, or failing to enforce it. I’m not advocating that we suddenly go on a witch hunt and round up and deport every last illegal immigrant that’s currently in our country. Many of them have families now, with children that are American citizens. What do you do with these kids if you deport their parents? Not a good scenario.

The funny part is that people are protesting all over the country about this. You know what? I don’t think they even know what it is they’re protesting. Everyone I’ve talked to or read about, that is interviewed can only talk about things like fair treatment for Mexican people. Legal Mexican immigrants, and American citizens of Mexican descent aren’t going to be effected by this. They aren’t breaking the law. The protests seem to be more about civil rights issue within our borders, and nothing to do with the issue at hand, effectively enforcing current immigration law. They’re two separate issues, people!

The issue of what we are going to do about currently illegal immigrants can’t even be addressed effectively until we do something to control our borders. You can’t perform surgery unless you stop the bleeding first.

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