Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Rocky Anderson Overstepping Mayoral Bounds

There’s one thing I can say for Rocky Anderson: he’s certainly given me a lot to blog about.

This latest escapade involves him acting like a dictator instead of an elected official. According to this KSL article, he’s going to sign an executive order offering benefits to non-married, domestic partners of Salt Lake City employees.

Now, I’ve blogged about something similar before. No matter which side of the aisle you are on when it comes to gay marriage, I really think health insurance should be dealt with by the household and financial need, not by whether you’re married and what age your kids are. I’m a capitalist to be sure, but when it comes to health care I’ve got a real socialist streak.

The issue for me is not whether Salt Lake City should offer these benefits, but whether it’s up to Rocky Anderson to do it. Isn’t this an issue better left for the city council? There’s also a question of legality. This kind of action may very well conflict with the Utah State Constitution.

Personally, I don’t think even Rocky believes that this will stick, no matter how it’s created. It’s just a way for him to get his name in media, and in the face of the people he believes are his constituents. In other words, it’s just a publicity stunt. He’s only got a 36% approval rating, and he thinks that this will appeal to the democrats in Salt Lake City that elected him.

It’s a re-election strategy that is going to cost Rocky, nothing. It will cost the people of Salt Lake City between 38 and 113 thousand dollars, whether he can keep it in effect or not.

What a bizarre way to get a campaign contribution.

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Ken said...

Isn’t it nice to be Mayor of Salt Lake City? Not only do you get to use your official email for political purposes but you get to pawn your bar tab off on the tax payer also.
It seems that Rocky Hck'P Anderson has been boozing it up and passing the bill onto the city.

The Mayor says it is necessary for him to wine and dine his buddies that roll into town to dispel the myth that Salt Lake is a squeaky clean city where you can't get a drink. Well Mayor using that logic why don’t we tax payers pick up the tab for lap dances and prostitutes too? That would surely do the trick don’t you think?

I have more in my blog. I have linked to your site. Good job!