Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Free WiFi in Salt Lake

File this under cool.

Local ISP, X-Mission, is offering free wireless internet access at certain locations along main street in Salt Lake City. According to this KSL article:

This morning, Mayor Rocky Anderson announced free wireless internet access on Main Street, from South Temple to 400 South. The free service is also accessible from the Gallivan Center and the Main City Library.

That's not a huge amount of real estate, but it's still pretty cool. It makes me want to get a wireless card for my laptop and hang out downtown more often.

It's also a major PR stroke for X-Mission. They're giving the service to Salt Lake City for free.

X-Mission has been plagued with a changing reputation over the years, ranging from "really reliable" to "corporate Internet Nazis." But from my perspective, this latest move is certainly a feather in their cap. Kudos, X-Mission!

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