Monday, May 02, 2005

Just what were they thinking?

Get this. A group of scientists at Oregon Health & Science University did a study that showed that high doses of vitamin C might counteract some of the negative effects of nicotine on unborn babies. The article is clear to point out that pregnant women shouldn't smoke, but then goes on to say that by taking large does of vitamin C their babies might turn out OK after all. At least that's what happened with the monkeys in the research project.

Why do this kind of research? What's the point? Why even fund it? It is interesting to note their belief that the effect is because of vitamin C's anti-oxidant properties, but won't the findings still push some smokers into a false sense of security about the detrimental effects of smoking? It's crazy! We already know that smoking is bad for you over all, and even worse for unborn children. What's the point? Are we simply funding ways to make it OK to screw up our lungs, and the lungs of our unborn children?

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